About the food


With 10 Sausages, 4 buns, dozens of speciality toppings including our unique Mustard Bar. 

A Sausage Shack order can satisfy all of your cravings. 

Try hundreds of flavor profiles and combinations. 

Build a simple Hotdog for your kids and an unconventional Sausage masterpiece for yourself. 

Bangers & Mash

Like Fish & Chips Bangers & Mash is a true British classic,

The British Cumberland Banger is served on a creamy Mash Potato with a Rich Onion Gravy.

Just like me Mum use to make... 

Donut Dog

Quickly becoming a signature at Sausage Shack.

The bun is baked, then glazed in butter.

Dipped and hand rolled in a sugar.

Add some Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and sweet Pickle Relish before topping off with either a Spicy Chicken Andouille or a Smoked Polish Sausage.

Served best with a Sweet Hot Mustard.

Chicago Style Hot Dog

If you can't beat them, join them.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel (or Sausage), good is good, no matter where its from.

Chicago Style with Pickles, Celery Salt, Seseame Seed Bun, Sweet Relish, Onion and Mustard. 

Check out our latest addition of Chicago Style Mustard!

Make your own

From time to time we dust off our Cook Books and oil up our Sausage Machine and make some home made specials such as a Bacon & Cheese Burger Sausage, Cottage Pie Sausage or Tacu Tacu Sausage 

The Mustard Bar

As if our Sausages weren't enough we have also created a Mustard Bar! With over a Dozen Mustards for you to choose from. We are always experimenting with new flavors and combinations..